Yellow Bell Pepper

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Yellow Bell Pepper
Ingredient-Yellow Bell Pepper
Image © Zynga
Location:Yellow Pepper Planter
Inventory Capacity:9
Cash Price:Consumable-Cash 4
Total Needed: 133

Yellow Bell Pepper is a raw ingredient in ChefVille that can be harvested from Yellow Pepper Planters. It is used directly in 3 recipes and 1 crafting recipe, which in turn is used in 6 recipes.



Yellow Bell Pepper can be crafted into 4 ingredients.


Ingredient Crafting
# Yellow Bell Pepper
Ingredient-Mild Salsa
Mild Salsa
Food Processor 4
Recipe Station Crafted
# Yellow Bell Pepper
# Dishes
for Mastery
Recipe-Chicken Fajitas Chicken Fajitas Grill 1 x Ingredient-Mild Salsa 4 10 40
Recipe-Chicken Flautas Chicken Flautas Skillet 1 x Ingredient-Mild Salsa 4 *
Recipe-Chicken Quesadilla Chicken Quesadilla Grill 2 x Ingredient-Mild Salsa 4 6 48
Recipe-Chilaquiles Chilaquiles Skillet ? x Ingredient-Mild Salsa 4 *
Recipe-Fish Tacos Fish Tacos Skillet 1 x Ingredient-Mild Salsa 4 5* 20
Recipe-Huevos Rancheros Huevos Rancheros Griddle 5 5 25
Recipe-Southwestern Omelette Southwestern Omelette Griddle 1 x Ingredient-Mild Salsa 4 13 52
Recipe-Stir Fry Vegetables Stir Fry Vegetables Wok 4 20* 80
Recipe-Vegetarian Chili Vegetarian Chili Slow Cooker 5 9 45

*Mastery values for several recipes in the above table are missing. This table will be updated as that information becomes available.

Neighbor DishesEdit

There are 2 neighbor dishes that yield Yellow Bell Pepper:

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