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TypeCooking Station
Quantity Allowed1
CostCoin ?
BasicRecipe-Pot StickersRecipe-Stir Fry VegetablesRecipe-Tangy Orange ChickenRecipe-Pad ThaiRecipe-Chop Suey
IntermediateRecipe-Chicken TeriyakiRecipe-Sweet and Sour ChickenRecipe-Beef Chow FunRecipe-Braised Tuna with GarlicRecipe-Veggie Chow Mein
ExpertRecipe-Pineapple Fried Rice

Recipe-Seafood Paella Beef Lettuce Wrap Kung Pao Shrimp

Vegan Sweet and Sour

The Wok is a Cooking Station. It is unlocked after reaching 42 Mastery Stars and completely the goal Before The Wok! It can be purchased from the Marketplace.


Basic; Once you have bought the Wok from the market place, you must place and build it. It costs 1750 Coins.

It requires the following parts to be completed;

  • 3 Wok Wisdom (Ask friends)
  • 3 Wok Tossing Tips (Post request)
  • 2 Wok Talk (Post Request)
  • 2 Handle Help (Ask Friends)
  • 2 Oil Opinion (Ask Friends)

Intermediate; available at 153 Mastery Stars.

To be completed you need the following parts;

  • 4 Steaming Sageness (Post Request)
  • 4 Stir-fry Story (Ask Friends)
  • 5 Saute Saunter (Post Request)
  • 4 Wok Work-Arounds (Ask Friends)
  • Stovetop Sensation (Post Request)

Expert; available at 286 Mastery Stars.

The following parts are required to complete the Expert:

  • 5 Noodle Knowledge(Post Request)
  • 5 Rice Respect(Post Request)
  • 5 Lo Mein Logic(Post Request)
  • 7 Kung Pao Conquest(Ask Friends)
  • 6 Egg Roll Excellence(Ask Friends)


The Wok has 5 basic level recipes unlocked after build. Unlocking Intermediate recipes requires 153 Mastery Stars. Unlocking Expert recipes requires 286 Mastery Stars.

Basic Intermediate Expert
Pot Stickers Chicken Teriyaki Pineapple Fried Rice
Stir Fry Vegetables Sweet and Sour Chicken Seafood Paella
Tangy Orange Chicken Beef Chow Fun Beef Lettuce Wrap
Pad Thai Braised Tuna with Garlic Kung Pao Shrimp
Chop Suey Veggie Chow Mein Vegan Sweet and Sour

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