Unsalted Butter
Ingredient-Unsalted Butter
Image © Zynga
Location:Butter Churn
Upgraded Milk Truck
Dairy Market
Real California Dairy Fridge
Inventory Capacity:9
Cash Price:Consumable-Cash 3
Total Needed: 105

Unsalted Butter is a raw ingredient in ChefVille that can be harvested from the Butter Churn, the upgraded Milk Truck, the Dairy Market, and the Real California Dairy Fridge. It is used directly in XX recipes and 1 crafting recipe, which in turn is used in XX recipes.



Unsalted Butter can be crafted into 1 ingredient.

Ingredient Crafting
# Unsalted Butter
Ingredient-Hollandaise Sauce Hollandaise Sauce Western Sauce Station 2


Recipe Station Crafted
# Unsalted Butter
# Dishes
for Mastery
Recipe-Asparagus with Hollandaise Asparagus with Hollandaise Broiler ? x Ingredient-Hollandaise Sauce 2 *
Recipe-Buttery Grilled Asparagus Buttery Grilled Asparagus BBQ 1 55 55
Recipe-California Garlic Cheese Pizza California Garlic Cheese Pizza Real California Dairy Stove 2 5 10
25px Corn on the Cobwebs Graveyard Grill 1 *
Recipe-Eggs Benedict Eggs Benedict Griddle 2 x Ingredient-Hollandaise Sauce 2 10 40
Recipe-Flourless Lava Cake Flourless Lava Cake Cake Oven 2 *
Recipe-Pound Cake Pound Cake Cake Oven 1 *

*Mastery values for one recipe in the above table is missing. This table will be updated as that information becomes available.

Neighbor DishesEdit

This section has not been completed yet.

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