Receive 10 Folk songs from friends

Serve 26 Frest Veggie Tray(2 minutes): 1 brocolli, 1 carrot, 2 ranch dressing OR Bread and Cheese dip (10 minutes): 2 cheddar cheese, 2 bread, 1 garlic

Everything else below takes 12 hours to make

Serve 6 Garden Salad : 4 mixed greens, ranch dressing OR Wonton Soup:dough, beef broth

Serve 8 Quich Barbara: 1 dough, 9 eggs OR Pesto Chicken: 1 Pesto, 1 marinated chicken

Serve 4 Southern Dumplins:  OR Cheddar Omelete: 10 eggs, 5 cheddar cheese, 6 salts
Cinco De Mayo 5

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