This goal series is given by Madeline. It started on 17 July 2017 and expired on 23 July 2013.

Part 1

"Bonjour! Let's pull some Turnip Crates in here and get cooking! Cooking the Turnips, of course, not the Crates."
"Those Turnips turned up in great shape! They're not the most glamourous vegetables, but they are tres delicious!"

"Turnips are a unique vegetable and useful in so many ways - just look at your Turnip Pot au Feu! Or better yet, taste it."

Part 2

"Turnips are a hard vegetable, and sometimes it is best to cream them to make a new ingredient!"
"Creamed Turnips are velvety and smooth - craft some up, cherie!"

"Perfectly creamed Turnips! Tell your friends Turnips are making a comeback!"

Part 3

"Try pairing your Turnips with a tasty protein, like Salmon! Salmon happens to be my very favorite fish, cherie."
"Prepare your Salmon wiht Buttery Turnip Puree and melt your customers hearts like sticks of butter!"

"Rich yet healthy, your Salmon is just the ticket, cherie! Your race around French cuisine is proving tres beneficial!"

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