This goal series is given by Madeline. It started on 17 July 2017 and expired on 23 July 2013.

Part 1

"Bonjour! It is time to turn up the heat on your Turnips - new recipes are just around the corner!"
"The Turnip dish du Jour is Roasted Chicken and Turnip Gratin! Cook up today's special, cherie."

"Turnips are often eaten on the side. Turnips: always the bridesmaid never the bride! It is too bad, oui?"

Part 2

"Though Turnips may not always be the centerpiece, yours are good enough to outshine the rest of the plate, cherie!"
"Prepare your Turnips the French way, and watch them takeover the plate!"

"Now that's the way to cook Turnips, cherie! Oui, I think I'd better have some myself!"

Part 3

"Safety first, my sweet croissant, both in the kitchen and out!"
"Helmets keep you safe on a bike, and keeping your wits about you keeps you safe in the kitchen!"

"Congratulations! You've handled your Tour de Food like a true champ, cherie, no one can deny it!"

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