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Inventory Capacity:first 9, then 20

Tuna is an ingredient in Chefville. It is required for a variety of recipes and crafted ingredients.

At first new players will only be able to find tuna by visiting Madeline's restaurant for a chance to harvest them from the counter with tuna noodle casserole.

Tuna can be produced by processing Giant Tuna in the Wholesale Station. Each Giant Tuna will yield 10 Tunas.

You can also get Tuna from your friends' restaurants, if they have a dish with tuna, crafted. So make sure to check out what you're friends have cooked up! 


These are the crafted ingredients that require tuna to craft:


These are the recipes that require tuna to cook.

Neighbor's DishesEdit

These are the dishes players can eat while visiting a neighbor's restaurant that may yield a tuna.

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