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The Truffle Hunt is a Seasonal Event in ChefVille that started on 27 July 2013. Madeline gives players a Baby Pig which must they must grow into an adult. Once fully grown, the pig can be sent to hunt for truffles.

New IngredientEdit

Three new raw ingredients and one new crafted ingredient were released during this event.

Ingredient-Black Truffle 
Black Truffle
Ingredient-Corn Chop 
Corn Chop
Ingredient-Pig Slop 
Pig Slop
Ingredient-White Truffle 
White Truffle

Feeding Baby PigsEdit

Baby Pigs must be fed 5 times using Pig Slop, a new "ingredient" that was released with this event. It is crafted from 3 Wild Onions and 3 Corn Chops. Baby Pigs which are not fed may run away, forcing the player to start the feeding process over with a new pig. After feeding a Baby Pig 5 times it will grow into a random adult pig.

Harvestable-Baby Pig 
Baby Pig

Adult PigsEdit

There are 3 types of adult pigs: Black, White, and Spotted. The Black Pig can only find Black Truffles and the White Pig can only find White Truffles, while the Spotted Pig can find both. The pigs can be sent to search for their particular type of Truffles once every 3 hours by feeding them 2 Consumable-Piggy Treat  Piggy Treats.

Black Pig
White Pig
Harvestable-Spotted Pig 
Spotted Pig
100px 100px Harvestable-Spotted Pig e

Piggy Treats can be posted to 'Ask Friends' or purhased for Cash

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