This goal series is given by Madeline. It started on 11 July 2017 and expired on 23 July 2013.

Part 1

"Bonjour! You're cooking up some blue ribbon dishes, cherie - why not earn some Tour Trophy Ribbons for them?"
"Earn your first Tour Trophy Ribbon by cooking magnifique French dishes!"

"Congratulations! I am sure this is the first of many ribbons for you, my little cream puff."

Goal-Trophy Chef! Part 1 BubbleGoal-Trophy Chef! Part 1 ObjectivesGoal-Trophy Chef! Part 1 Rewards

Part 2

"Do not forget about your Arc de Triomphe! When it is finished it will be tres useful!"
"Race against yourself to complete your Arc de Triomphe, cherie! Sometimes being the best chef comes in stages."

"Arcs and Ribbons and French cuisine - that sounds like a good day to me, cherie! Keep it up!"

Goal-Trophy Chef! Part 2 BubbleGoal-Trophy Chef! Part 2 ObjectivesGoal-Trophy Chef! Part 2 Rewards

Part 3

"Onions can be too intense, that's why I like Caramelized Shallots! Cook with them and earn more Ribbons, cherie..."
"Cook with Caramelized Shallots and get one step closer to earning all the Ribbons!"

"Your output lately is most impressive, my little cocoa bean, keep it up and your customers will be eating for days!"

Goal-Trophy Chef! Part 3 BubbleGoal-Trophy Chef! Part 3 Objectives

Part 4

"The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most famous monuments in Paris...and your Arc can be just as magnifique!"
"Building your own Arc de Triomphe in honor of French cuisine - who could argue with that? Not me, non!"

"Your Arc de Triomphe is nearly complete...I didn't know you were so handy at building, cherie! We all have our secret talents, I suppose."

Part 5

"Your triumphant Arc will be tres impressive but don't neglect your Tour Trophy Ribbons!"
"Harness your competitive spirit and earn those Ribbons, cherie! You're almost there!"

"Look at all these Tour Trophy Ribbons! It's like a craft fair exploded in your a good way!"


Parts 2 through 4 of this series instruct the player to earn Mastery-Tour Trophy Tour Trophy Mastery Ribbons on the *Fantastic French Stove*, but ribbons earned on the Tour de Turnips count for progress as well.

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