This goal series is given by Madeline. It started on 17 July 2017 and expired on 23 July 2013.

Part 1

"You know what they say, cherie - there's always room for root vegetables!"
"Root for root vegetables with the Tour de Turnips cook station!"

"Potatoes are a good start to your Tour de Root Vegetables! I thought that would sound catchier than it does. Oh well - tell your friends!"

Part 2

"Race to the root vegetables! It helps if you have Race Tickets, cherie..."
"Race around with your Poulet Frites, giving them to your customers as speedy as you can, my little butter croissant!"

"You're quick to deliver! And the Poulet Frites aren't bad either. I'm impressed...and I'm actually French, you know!"

Part 3

"Let's cut straight to the Turnip, cherie! They make an excellent soup, you know."
"Hand White Turnip Soup out to your customers so they can try something tres new!"

"A nice, creamy Turnip Soup is a great new way to use Turnips! Always surprise them, cherie."

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