Tomato Fondue
Recipe-Tomato Fondue
Image © Zynga
StationBasic Fondue Pot

4 x Ingredient-Gruyere Cheese Gruyere Cheese
4 x Ingredient-Tomato Tomato

Craft Time5 minutes

Tomato Fondue is a recipe cooked on the basic Fondue Pot. It requires four Gruyere Cheese and four Tomato and takes 5 minutes to cook.

Ingredients and MasteryEdit

Main article: Mastery
Ingredient Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Total
Mastery 3 6 12 21
4 x Ingredient-Gruyere Cheese Gruyere Cheese 12 24 48 84
4 x Ingredient-Tomato Tomato 12 24 48 84

About this table:

  • The first line (Mastery) indicates how many times the player must cook this dish for each mastery level. If Level 1 reads "2" and Level 2 reads "5", that means the player must cook the dish twice for the first mastery star and five additional times for the second star.
  • The remaining lines indicate how many of each ingredient are required to reach each mastery level.
    • Lines with a darker background are the direct ingredients for this recipe.
    • Lines with a lighter background are required to craft the direct ingredients.


Main article: Serving
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Servings Icon-Dish 55 Servings Icon-Dish 57 Servings Icon-Dish 59 Servings
Coins Coin 165 Coins Coin 171 Coins Coin 177 Coins


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Chance IngredientEdit

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