Sushi Apprentice is the first part of Bow to the Master goals.



In real-lifeEdit

The Salmon Nigiri in ChefVille is actually 握り寿司, rōmaji: "Nigirizushi/Nigiri-zushi" (or Nigiri for short) trans. "hand-formed sushi". A type of sushi that is consist of an oblong mound of sushi rice (with a bit of wasabi and a neta draped over it) that is pressed into a rectangular-shaped sushi shaper/sushi making mold between the palm of a person's hands. Neta is typically fish like salmon or tuna.

Nigirizushi has various of toppings that is bound to the sushi rice with a thin strip of nori (a thin paper-like edible seaweed) like: tako (a poached thin slice of an octopus leg), unagi (a pre-boiled piece of freshwater eel brushed with a rich sauce, kabayaki tare which is freshly grill before being serve), anago (a pre-boiled piece of sea eel that is freshly grill before being serve) , ika (a blanched and scored piece of squid "meat"), and tamago (a small rectangle slice of sweetened omelet).

In Sushi bars or restaurants; if you ordered separately, the Nigirizushi is usually served in pairs. If you ordered a sushi set (which is a sampler sushi dish); it may contain only one piece of each topping.

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