If you have a lot of active quests, this quest series can be quite far down on the list, but it is meant to do quite early in the game, as it is active as early as Level 7, 14 Mastery Stars (if not earlier).

Plump and Juicy (in the Complete Screen, this is called "Hit the Bricks!)
(Starstruck 1 of 3)

Ha HA! Tomatoes, my friend! They are ripe, round and ready to become a beautiful Bruschetta.

  • Cook 5 times at your Brick Oven
  • Collect from your Tomato Plant 10 times (Can also be completed with Cash)
  • Chef Serve Steak Florentine 8 Times (Can also be completed with Cash)

Top of the Shop
(Starstruck 2 of 3)

If you're going to make it just like mama used to make it, you need to visit the Mom n' Pop Shop! Did I mention Bello likes fresh beef?

  • Have 12 Flower Food Packets (72 Cash for all 12 or "Ask friends").
  • Tend your neighbors' Mom N' Pop Shops 15 times.
  • Upgrade your Rose Stand.

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