Squid Crate
Harvestable-Squid Crate 3
Image © Zynga
Number allowed:3
Ingredients:Fresh Squid
Frequency:2 minutes
Mastery-Golden Lobster

The subject of this article is part of the Maine Lobster Festival, an event that lasted from 7 August until 25 August 2013. Once the event has run its course, this item may no longer be available.

Mastery-Golden Lobster

The Squid Crate is a harvestable item in ChefVille that was released on 7 August 2013 as part of the Maine Lobster Festival. It can be purchased in the Marketplace for Coin 250 coins and will be unwrapped upon delivery.

Players must collect materials to complete the construction:

  • 7 x Material-Inked Crate Opener Inked Crate Opener (Post)

Once completed, each Squid Crate can be harvested 10 times, rewarding the player with one Fresh Squid every 2 minutes. Only one Squid Crate can be under construction at a time, and up to 3 stands can be present in the restaurant at a time.


Construction Remaining Harvests
10 - ''''' '''''
Buildable-11 Open Harvestable-Squid Crate 3 Harvestable-Squid Crate 2 Harvestable-Squid Crate 1
Harvestable-Squid Crate 3 e Harvestable-Squid Crate 2 e Harvestable-Squid Crate 1 e

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