Springtime for Figs is a timed goal series given by Ginger. It was released on 25 March and expires on 30 March 2013, as part of the Spring Market Event. There are three goals in this series, all revolving around the new Farm Figs Grill.

Spring RegrowthEdit

"Start your Spring regrowth by planting a Flower Tree and basking in the glory of fresh Figs!"

"This Flower Tree will kick off Spring in just the right way, petunia! And I do love a good Fig, don't you? Tell your friends that Spring has sprung!"

Farm Fresh FigsEdit

"Roasting fresh Figs brings out their natural flavor, daisy! Cook some roasted Fig dishes and taste for yourself!"


  • 1 x Ingredient-Fig  Fig
  • 20 XP
  • 30 Coin

Pretty FiggyEdit

"Get Fig Leaves to decorate your Fig dishes for Spring and...oh, look, your Flower Tree is growing!"

"Your Flower Tree is looking more beautiful and Spring-tastic all the time! Isn't Spring just the cheeriest time of all, begonia?"

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