Spring Fling is a timed goal series given by Ginger. It was released on 29 March and expires on 07 April 2013, as part of the Spring Market Event. There are three goals in this series, all revolving around earning Spring Market Ribbons.

Market PartyEdit

"First, we'd better get some awnings for our tents to keep some shade intact! Now what to cook for our friends? Hmm...oh, fruit dishes!"

"We've got enough fruit to spread around to our friends and neighbors! Oh, petunia, Spring is the perfect time to get together with like-minded nature lovers!"

  • 3 x Ingredient-Fig  Fig
  • 10 XP
  • 30 Coin

Spring NoshingEdit

"Pizza is a real crowd pleaser, and your Spring inspired Fig and Carmelized Onion Pizza is a seasonal spin on a classic! Here come the hungry crowds!"

"I can see some of your customers had never had a Fig pizza before, they seemed surprised to like it! I just love days of discovery, don't you?"

Signed and DeliciousEdit

"Put up signs to make sure people know where to find the party! We don't want them to get lost in the vastness of mother nature...or your kitchen!"

"This market party is on the mark! I've seen some prominent citizens tasting your dishes, lilac, you should be proud! Tell your friends there's still time to enjoy it!"

Spring FinaleEdit

"Let's send our guests home with some delicious biscuits to remember the occasion! Ah, Spring!"

"Shall I compare thee to a Spring day? Yes! Both are gracious and beautiful! You were the perfect host. Carry on with this Spring frame of mind!"

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