The Spring Countdown is a mini-event in ChefVille that took place from 27 March through 08 April 2013. During this event several new Ingredients and Recipes were released, along with a new Cooking Station, a new harvestable, and a Goal Series. The Event Hall remained unchanged during this mini-event.

New IngredientsEdit

A total of 12 new ingredients were released during this event.

Ingredient-Aeromatic Arugula 
Aeromatic Arugula
Ingredient-Beautiful Banana 
Beautiful Banana
Ingredient-Cherished Cherry 
Cherished Cherry
Ingredient-Colossal Kiwi 
Colossal Kiwi
Ingredient-Curious Currant 
Curious Currant
Ingredient-Exquisite Egg 
Exquisite Egg
Ingredient-Jolly Jackfruit 
Jolly Jackfruit
Ingredient-Pink Peppercorns 
Pink Peppercorns
Ingredient-Rack of Lamb 
Rack of Lamb
Ingredient-Resplendent Rhubarb 
Resplendent Rhubarb
Ingredient-Rich Raspberry 
Rich Raspberry
Ingredient-Sensational Starfruit 
Sensational Starfruit

New RecipesEdit

All 12 new recipes released during this event are cooked on the Stove of the Spring.

Recipe Level Ingredients Cook
Recipe-Spring Bread 
Spring Bread
Basic 1 x Ingredient-Exquisite Egg Exquisite Egg
2 x Ingredient-Milk Milk
1 x Ingredient-Salt Salt
5 minutes Ingredient-Milk
Recipe-Rhubarb Muffin 
Rhubarb Muffin
Basic 1 x Ingredient-Resplendent Rhubarb Resplendent Rhubarb
1 x Ingredient-Egg Egg
3 x Ingredient-Flour Flour
5 minutes Ingredient-Flour
Recipe-Star Fruit Muffin 
Star Fruit Muffin
Basic 1 x Ingredient-Sensational Starfruit Sensational Starfruit
1 x Ingredient-Flour Flour
1 x Ingredient-Milk Milk
5 minutes Ingredient-Flour
Recipe-Pink Pepper Deviled Eggs 
Pink Pepper Deviled Eggs
Basic 1 x Ingredient-Pink Peppercorns Pink Peppercorns
2 x Ingredient-Wild Onion Wild Onion
1 x Ingredient-Egg Egg
15 minutes Ingredient-Egg
Recipe-Raspberry Scones 
Raspberry Scones
Basic 1 x Ingredient-Rich Raspberry Rich Raspberry
2 x Ingredient-Flour Flour
2 x Ingredient-Milk Milk
15 minutes
Recipe-Banana Bread 
Banana Bread
Basic 1 x Ingredient-Beautiful Banana Beautiful Banana
3 x Ingredient-Dough Dough
1 x Ingredient-Salt Salt
15 minutes
Recipe-Crown Rack of Lamb 
Crown Rack of Lamb
Intermediate 1 x Ingredient-Rack of Lamb Rack of Lamb
2 x Ingredient-Cloves Cloves
1 x Ingredient-Garlic Garlic
5 minutes
Recipe-Cherry Chicken Salad Sandwich 
Cherry Chicken Salad Sandwich
Intermediate 1 x Ingredient-Cherished Cherry Cherished Cherry
3 x Ingredient-Free Range Chicken Free Range Chicken
2 x Ingredient-Apple Apple
30 minutes
Recipe-Arugula Egg Salad 
Arugula Egg Salad
Intermediate 1 x Ingredient-Aeromatic Arugula Aeromatic Arugula
3 x Ingredient-Mixed Greens Mixed Greens
1 x Ingredient-Egg Egg
30 minutes
Recipe-Fillet with Kiwi Sauce 
Fillet with Kiwi Sauce
Intermediate 1 x Ingredient-Colossal Kiwi Colossal Kiwi
4 x Ingredient-Sirloin Beef Sirloin Beef
2 x Ingredient-Salt Salt
1 hour
Recipe-Jackfruit Patties 
Jackfruit Patties
Intermediate 1 x Ingredient-Jolly Jackfruit Jolly Jackfruit
2 x Ingredient-Wild Onion Wild Onion
2 x Ingredient-Egg Egg
1 hour
Recipe-Bread Pudding with Fresh Currants 
Bread Pudding with Fresh Currants
Intermediate 1 x Ingredient-Curious Currant Curious Currant
1 x Ingredient-Egg Egg
3 x Ingredient-Milk Milk
1 hour

New Restaurant ObjectsEdit

Only two new objects were released during this event.

Station-Stove of the Spring 
Stove of the Spring
The Stove of the Spring is a new Cooking Station, given to the player by Bello as part of the goal Turn Up the Heat. It is where the 12 recipes released during this event are cooked, and, at the time of the event, the only cooking station to utilize any of the 12 new ingredients released during the event.
Harvestable-May Pole Picnic 
May Pole Picnic
The May Pole Picnic is a new harvestable, received as a reward for unlocking all 12 dishes before the end of the event.

Goal SeriesEdit

A new goal series started at the beginning of this event called No Spring Chicken. Similar to the Holiday Countdown event, players are asked to collect ingredients to unlock new recipes. As each of the 12 recipes released during this event uses one of the 12 new ingredients, collecting the required number of ingredients unlocks the corresponding recipe.

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