Sushi master Shiro Wasabi

Shiro Wasabi is an elderly sushi master from Japan and is the first new male character release along with the new Sushi Master Station in ChefVille.

He first appeared to your restaurant when he heard about your talents as a chef and wishes to teach you (the player) on how to be a sushi master. He will give the player a free Sushi Master Station along two of his goals (which one of them is time-limit).

Similar to Ginger, he will also call the players with nicknames related to sushi ingredients (as he is bad at remembering names of people he meets).


  • Whenever Shiro "speaks" to the players; his sentences are quite similar to the sentences spoken by Jedi Master Yoda, a Star Wars character.
  • Both Shiro and Yoda are elders except Yoda is a much older than Shiro.

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