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Location:Romance Pond
Inventory Capacity:9

Salmon is an ingredient in Chefville. It is required for a variety of recipes and crafted ingredients.

Salmon can be harvested in the Romance Pond (yields 1 × Ingredient-Salmon, and also obtained from Giant Salmon in the Wholesale Station (yields 10 × Ingredient-Salmon).

Salmon can also be obtained from Salmon Crate


These are the crafted ingredients that require salmon to craft.


Salmon can be traded for DulseGround BeefEggSirloin BeefFree Range ChickenSalamiVenisonSmoked Turkey or Tuna on the Salmon Trader or Super Salmon Trader


These are the recipes that require salmon to cook.

Recipe Station Crafted
# Salmon
# Dishes
for Mastery
Chirashi Sushi Master Station Recipe-Chirashi 5
Fried Triton Fish Filet Far Far Away Stand 4 15
Grilled Salmon Grill Recipe-Grilled Salmon 4
Grilled Salmon with Watermelon Salsa Watermelon Station 3
Lox of Love Mom and Me Kitchen 5
Macadamia-Crusted Salmon Flaming Tiki Oven 2
Pesto Salmon BBQ Recipe-Pesto Salmon 4
Rainbow Roll Sushi Master Station Recipe-Rainbow Roll 3
Salmon Bruschetta BBQ 4
Salmon Kebabs Broiler 1
Salmon Nigiri Sushi Master Station Recipe-Salmon Nigiri 3
Salmon with Jalapeno Butter Outdoor Kitchen 2
Seared Salmon with Indian Cream Sauce Curry 'n Spice Stove 3
Thai Grilled Salmon Terrific Thai Station 2

Neighbor's DishesEdit

These are the dishes players can eat while visiting a neighbor's restaurant that may yield a salmon.

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