This goal series is given by Rock. It started on 26 July 2013 and expired on 03 August 2013.

Part 1

"More produce, mate? Madeline's gonna love you for making me eat all this!"
"Grab yourself a Bean Sprout Crate and let's get crackin'!"

"I gotta be honest, ace. I didn't think I'd like Bean Sprouts buy you sure changed my mind!"

Part 2

"Don't judge me, mate...but could we make sure everything's safe before we jump into the pool?"
"Grab some Life Jackets so that no one will have any truble in the pool...I'm just, y'know...thinking about everyone's safety."

"Good job on the Life Jackets, mate. It's definitely helping me out...I mean, everyone..."

Part 3

"Everyone's loving these Bean Sprouts, ace! Let's stock up on some more!"
"I think the neighbors might be having a party of their own, mate! Let's go see what dishes they're serving up!"

"To be honest, ace, my mum used to make Bean Sprout dishes when I was a kid. These dishes are just as good as mum used to make!"

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