The quests can be dived in 5 subcategories for each characters

Madeline's goals‎‎ Edit

Name Icon Star Need
Grand Opening! 60px  
Super Speedy Service! Quest Super Speedy Service!  
Standards of Italian Cuisine 60px  
Service with a Smile! 60px  
From Soup to Salad 60px  
All-American Cooking 60px  
Advanced Italian Cuisine 60px  
Asian Style Chicken    


Bello's Goals‎ Edit

Name Icon Star Need
Surface with a Smile! 60px  
Pay a Culinary Visit! 60px  
More the Merrier! 60px  
A Sticky Situation 60px  
A Gooey Situation 60px  
Freshly Peppered! 60px  
Eye on the Pizza Pie 60px  
Party Prep 60px  
Need For Speed! 60px  
The Lettuce Eater 60px  
A Young Appetite! 60px  
Bello's Windy Warm Up 60px  
Fill Him Up 60px  


Ginger's goals Edit

Name Icon Star Need
Where's the Beef? Quest Where's the Beef  
Take a Deeper Look! 60px  
Lactose Tolerant 60px  
Stop and Smell the Garlic! 60px  
The Garlic Festival! 60px  
Plucky Ingredients 60px  
Wine Country Wander 60px  
A Garlic You 60px  
Eggs on Ice    
Home on the Free-Range    
Drinks are Here! -Drinks are Here!  

Colby's goals Edit

Name Icon Star Need
Souper Duper! 60px
Elevate Your Equipment! 60px
The Good Egg 60px
Mix, Revisited 60px
Bread Head 60px
The Bread Approaches 60px
ChickenCon 60px

Rock's Goals‎ Edit

Name Icon Star Need
Pumped Up! 60px
An Incovenient Fear 60px

Special Edit

Chef Robert Irvine's Goals Edit

Name Icon Star Need
Anything is Possible 60px

Farmville2 Edit

Name Icon Star Need
Farmville2 60px

The County Fair Edit

Name Icon Star Need
The County Fair 60px

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