Prime Rib Shelves
Harvestable-Prime Rib Shelves
Image © Zynga
Number allowed:1
Ingredients:20px Prime Rib Beef
Frequency:10 minutes

The Prime Rib Shelves is a harvestable item in ChefVille. It can be purchased from the Marketplace for Coin 500 coins and will be wrapped upon delivery.

Unwrapping the Prime Rib Shelves takes 3 energy. The player must then collect materials to complete the construction:

  • 4 x Material-Tin Tray Tin Tray (Post)
  • 4 x Material-Plastic Pack Plastic Pack (Post)
  • 4 x Material-Little Label Little Label (Ask)
  • 4 x Material-Color Checker Color Checker (Ask)

Once completed, the Prime Rib Shelves can be harvested for one Prime Rib Beef every 10 minutes.


Buildable-21 Wrapped Buildable-21 Open Harvestable-Prime Rib Shelves Harvestable-Prime Rib Shelves e
Wrapped Unwrapped Ready to harvest Restocking

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