Philippa Pearbottom

Philippa Pearbottom is a British hostess who host various of soiree (evening parties). She preferred to be called Pippa rather than her real name.

Philippa will appear to the players in-game and show them how to "cater" via by doing catering orders (similar to Zynga's other restaurant game, Café World 's catering orders). She also will give out her own catering orders and catering related goals to the players for her soirees.


  • She is the first new female character on ChefVille (since its launch in mid-Summer 2012) released along with the Catering Truck on November 29, 2012.
  • It is hinted out that Philippa is British due to the fact she said "...positively smashing cuisine..." which is a British slang word for terrific or great.
  • Pippa is a nickname for the Greek origin name, Philippa which means lover of horses or horses' friend.

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