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Inventory Capacity:20
Cash Price:Consumable-Cash 6
Total Needed: 322

Pepper is a raw ingredient in ChefVille that can only be obtained by becoming a regular at neighbors restaurants. It is used directly in 14 recipes and 5 crafting recipes, which are in turn used in 10 recipes.


  • Visiting neighbors - 1 x Ingredient-Pepper every 24 hours
Only neighbors whose restaurants you have visited at least three times in the past five days will provide Pepper.


Pepper can be crafted into 16 ingredients, two of which can be further crafted into two more ingredients.

Ingredient Crafting
# Pepper
Ingredient-CroutonsCroutons Toaster 1
Ingredient-FettucciniFettucini Pasta Maker 1
Ingredient-GuacamoleGuacamole Food Processor 2
Ingredient-Marinated ChickenMarinated Chicken Marinator 2
Ingredient-Pita ChipsPita Chips Toaster 1


Recipe Station Crafted
# Pepper
# Dishes
for Mastery
Baked Sweet Potato Thanksgiving Roaster 1 6 6
25px Beef and Pumpkin Chili Halloween Cauldron 1 14 14
Recipe-Biscuits and Gravy Biscuits and Gravy Oven 4 *
25px Black Peppered Chestnuts Chestnut Roaster 2 *
25px Buffalo Bat Wings Haunted Broiler 1 16 16
Recipe-Buffalo Wings Buffalo Wings BBQ 2 8 16
Recipe-Caesar Salad Caesar Salad Salad Station 1 x Ingredient-Croutons 1 *
Recipe-Caprese Salad Caprese Salad Salad Station 2 15* 30
Recipe-Chaat Samosa Chaat Samosa Samosa Fryer 2
Recipe-Cheese Samosa Cheese Samosa Samosa Fryer 1
Recipe-Chicago Dog Chicago Dog Hot Dog Cart 2 9 18
Recipe-Chicken Mole Chicken Mole Slow Cooker ? x Ingredient-Marinated Chicken 2 *
Recipe-Chicken Quesadilla Chicken Quesadilla Grill 4 x Ingredient-Marinated Chicken 8 *
Recipe-Crab Dip Crab Dip ? ? x Ingredient-Pita Chips 1 *
25px Cracked Softboil Egg Once Upon A Station 1 24
Recipe-Deviled Eggs Deviled Eggs Thanksgiving Oven 1 *
25px Fettuccini Chicken Alfredo Grill 1 x Ingredient-Fettuccini 1 3* 3
Recipe-Focaccia Focaccia Brick Oven 1 1* 1
25px Fried Catfish Salad Catfish Market Fryer 2
25px Green Peas Samosa Samosa Fryer 2
25px Grilled Salt and Pepper Tuna Outdoor Kitchen
Recipe-Hamburger and Macaroni Hamburger and Macaroni Slow Cooker 4 5* 20
Recipe-House Salad House Salad Salad Station 2 x Ingredient-Croutons 1 8* 16
Recipe-Nachos Nachos Deep Fryer 1 x Ingredient-Guacamole 2 19 38
Recipe-Pesto Chicken Pesto Chicken Skillet 1 x Ingredient-Marinated Chicken 2 9* 18
Recipe-Pilgrim's Turkey and Gravy Pilgrim's Turkey and Gravy Oven 3 13 39
25px Polish Sausage Hot Dog Cart 1 8 8
25px Pumpkin Ravioli Halloween Cauldron 1 6 6
Recipe-Shrimp Alfredo Pasta Shrimp Alfredo Pasta Skillet 1 x Ingredient-Fettuccini 1 *
Recipe-Southwestern Omelette Southwestern Omelette Griddle 3 13 39
Recipe-Stir Fry Vegetables Stir Fry Vegetables Wok 1 4* 4
25px Triple Roasted Pork Rump Far Far Away Stand 1
Recipe-Veggie Burrito Veggie Burrito Griddle 2 x Ingredient-Guacamole 2 9 36
Recipe-Wild Onion Bisque Wild Onion Bisque Soup Station 1 *

*Mastery values for several recipes in the above table are missing. This table will be updated as that information becomes available.

Neighbor DishesEdit

There are no neighbor dishes that yield Pepper.

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