Party Platter Station
Station-Party Platter
Image © Zynga
Quantity Allowed1
CostCoin 500
Mastery Stars Required18
BasicRecipe-Fresh Veggie Tray Recipe-Mini Cheese Sandwiches Recipe-Cold Cutts Platter Recipe-Meat Lover's Pizza Recipe-Popcorn ChickenRecipe-Short Ribs Plate

Station-Party Platter Station
The Party Platter Station  comes with the Soiree Sashay quest. You will need to place it and build it. To build it you need;
  • Silver Serving Trays (Ask Friends)
  • Party Picks (Post Request)
  • Dainty Dollies (Post Request)
Party Platter Station

After you have build it you will be able to cook 6 dishes to earn mastery stars.


Basic Intermediate Expert

Fresh Veggie Tray

? ?
Mini Cheese Sandwiches ? ?
Cold Cuts Platter ? ?
Meat Lover's Pizza ? ?

Popcorn Chicken

? ?

Short Ribs Plate

? ?

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