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TypeCooking Station
Quantity Allowed1
CostCoin 4000
The Oven can be found in the Marketplace under the Kitchen. It is one of the cooking stations. You can only have 1.

It requires 85 mastery stars to unlock and costs 4000 coins to purchase the Oven.


Basic recipes are available upon completion of the construction of the Oven. Intermediate recipes unlock with completion of the Slow Cooked French goal. Expert recipes are not yet released.

Basic Intermediate Expert
Divine Chicken Divine Scalloped Potatoes ??
Grandma's Famous Meatloaf Zucchini Bread ??
Tuna Noodle Casserole Savory Cheddar Apple Tarts ??
Hot Dog Pretzel Roll French Toast Casserole ??
Pilgrim's Turkey and Gravy Biscuits and Gravy ??

Building it & UpgradesEdit

Once placed, the Oven requires 3 energy to unwrap and help from friends before first use:

  • 3 Toasty Tidbits (Post)
  • 2 Twice Baked Tips (Post)
  • 4 Roasted Recommendations (Ask)
  • 5 Oven Orders (Post)
  • 4 Oven Mitt Memories (Ask)

 The Materials needed to upgrade the Oven to Intermediate level are:

  • 5 Baking Basics (Ask Friends)
  • 4 Rack Reasonings (Ask Friends)
  • 7 Toasting Talents (Post)
  • 4 Oven Ovation (Post)
  • 5 Basting Boom (Ask Friends)

You will need 227 Mastery Stars to unlock the Intermediate Oven.

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