The Open Space K8 is an expansion in ChefVille. It is located at Tile K-8 on the Game Board.

Note : Page Title is given so as to distinguish it from other Open Space Tiles on the Game Board. It is not an official Zynga name for the tile.


Unlocking the Open Space K8 requires the player to spend 50 Consumable-Cash (as of 2013-Nov-20).

As of 2013-Nov-20, there is 50% off, that is, it only costs 25 Consumable-Cash.

Note: The cost to unlock may vary as this expansion can be unlocked with Consumable-Cash only.

As of Jan 2014, this space can be unlocked for 70 Green Tents [post for help] and 5 Mastery Stars


The Open Space K8 contains 9 decorations, and 3 mystery crates:

File:Decoration-Lilac.png Decoration-Light Bush Decoration-Bush Trio
2 x Lilac 2 x Light Bush 2 x Bush Trio
100px Decoration-Wild Grass Decoration-Cluster Stone
Pink Flower Patch Wild Grass Cluster Stone

Adjacent AreasEdit

NW:Sweet Street
NE:Family Farm
SE:Under the Sea
SW:Open Field

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