Mystery Crates in ChefVille are one-time harvestable items that have varying yields. Some crates are rewards for completing goals and can be used immediately, while others are given to the player when a new expansion is released and must be constructed.

Coffee Bar Mystery CratesEdit

When players first unlock the Coffee Bar expansion there will be five wrapped crates that cannot be moved from their original location. They all require the same materials to construct, though in increasing amounts:

Buildable-Mini Coffee Crate Wrapped
Mini Coffee Crate
Buildable-Small Coffee Crate Wrapped
Small Coffee Crate
Buildable-Medium Coffee Crate Wrapped
Medium Coffee Crate
Buildable-Large Coffee Crate Wrapped
Large Coffee Crate
Buildable-Extra Large Coffee Crate Wrapped
Extra Large Coffee Crate
3 5 8 10 15
3 5 8 10 15
Buildable-Mini Coffee Crate Open Buildable-Small Coffee Crate Open Buildable-Medium Coffee Crate Open Buildable-Large Coffee Crate Open Buildable-Extra Large Coffee Crate Open

Once they have been completed, the crates can be moved freely.

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