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Location:Cheese Rack
Upgraded Cheese Cellar
Inventory Capacity:9
Cash Price:Consumable-Cash 3
Total Needed: 242

Mozzarella is a raw ingredient in ChefVille that can be harvested from the Cheese Rack and the upgraded Cheese Cellars. It is used directly in 14 recipes



Mozzarella is not used in any crafting recipes.


Recipe Station Crafted
# Mozzarella
# Dishes
for Mastery
25px Baked Stuffed Eggplant Cast Iron Oven 4 ?
Recipe-Baked Sweet Potato Baked Sweet Potato Thanksgiving Roaster 2 6 12
25px Basil and Tomato Pizza Pizza Stone Oven 4
Recipe-California Cheese Strata California Cheese Strata Real California Dairy Oven 2 10 20
25px California Cheesy French Bread Real California Dairy Oven 4 31 124
Recipe-Calzone Calzone Brick Oven 1 3* 3
25px Canoas de Plantanos Carribean Kitchen 4 *
Recipe-Caprese Salad Caprese Salad Salad Station 1 15* 15
Recipe-Cheese Pizza Cheese Pizza Brick Oven 1 5 5
Recipe-Cheesy Stuffed Tomatoes Cheesy Stuffed Tomatoes Broiler 1 20* 20
Recipe-Classic Tomato Soup Classic Tomato Soup Soup Station 2 6 12
Recipe-Garlic Cheese Bread Garlic Cheese Bread Broiler 2 *
Recipe-Hot Dog Pretzel Roll Hot Dog Pretzel Roll Oven 4 10 40
25px Italian Sirloin Beef Sandwich Olive Oil Oven 2 ?
25px Loaded Nachos Spring Sports Station 3 9* 27
25px Massive Mozzarella Sticks Spring Sports Station 3 12* 36
Recipe-Mini Cheese Sandwiches Mini Cheese Sandwiches Party Platter Station 1 20* 20
Recipe-Mozzarella Bites Mozzarella Bites Picnic Hamper 2 5* 10
25px Pizza Fiorentina Italian Pizza Oven 2 ?*
25px Pizza Romana Italian Pizza Oven 2 ?*
25px Spooky Spaghetti Halloween Cauldron 1 9 9
25px Stuffed Mushrooms Veggiematic 1 60 60
25px The Real Char Cheeseburger Real California Dairy Oven 2 8 16

*Mastery values for several recipes in the above table are missing. This table will be updated as that information becomes available.

Neighbor DishesEdit

There are no neighbor dishes that yield Mozzarella.


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