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Material Used for # Needed
Material-Angelic Anecdotes Angelic Anecdotes
Material-August Aroma August Aroma Expert Terrific Thai Station 7


Material Used for # Needed
Material-Balsamic Balm Balsamic Balm Balsamic Vinaigrette Crate
Material-Basmati Rice Bag Basmati Rice Bag
Material-Basting Boom Basting Boom
Basting Brilliance Basting Brilliance Intermediate Grill 2
Material-Batter Bowl Batter Bowl Basic Cake Oven 5
Material-Batter Brilliance Batter Brilliance
Material-Bavarian Bravado Bavarian Bravado
Material-Bean Basic Bean Basic Vanilla Rack 5
Material-Bean Bunch Bean Bunch
Material-Berry Baskets Berry Baskets
Material-Bell Pepper Seeds Bell Pepper Seeds
Material-Bland Buster Bland Buster Vanilla Rack 5
Material-Bovine Bowls Bovine Bowls
Material-Bowl Banter Bowl Banter
Material-Bowl of Happiness Bowl of Happiness
Material-Bread Bag Bread Bag
Material-Bread Ties Bread Ties
Material-Breakfast Banter Breakfast Banter
Material-Breakfast Breakthrough Breakfast Breakthrough Intermediate Skillet 6
Material-Broiling Buzz Broiling Buzz
Bulb Battle Bulb Battle
Material-Bundt Pan Bundt Pan Intermediate Cake Oven 5
Material-Butter Cozy Butter Cozy


Material Used for # Needed
Material-Cake Rack Cake Rack Basic Cake Oven 5
Material-Cake Tester Cake Tester Intermediate Cake Oven 8
Material-Cake Turntable Cake Turntable Expert Cake Oven 4
Material-Cast-Iron Coaching Cast-Iron Coaching Intermediate Skillet 6
Material-Casting Casting
Material-Cat Calls Cat Calls
Material-Chafer Wick Chafer Wick Intermediate Party Platter Station 4
Charming Charcoal Charming Charcoal Intermediate Grill 3
Material-Cheese Crate Cheese Crate
Material-Cheese Knife Cheese Knife
Material-Cheese Mold Cheese Mold
Material-Cheesy Comment Cheesy Comment
Material-Chili Chitchat Chili Chitchat Basic Slow Cooker 5
Material-Chowder Chat Chowder Chat
Material-Cobb Concept Cobb Concept
Material-Comedy and Tragedy Mask Comedy and Tragedy Mask Intermediate Greek Cooking Station 9
Material-Corn Bin Corn Bin Granary 6
Material-Cornmeal Grinder Cornmeal Grinder
Material-Couldron Treat Couldron Treat
Material-Cow Calculator Cow Calculator Dairy Market Upgrade 3
Material-Cran Crusher Cran Crusher
Material-Crate Label Crate Label
Crystal Candlesticks Crystal Candlesticks


Material Used for # Needed
Material-Dish Display Card Dish Display Card Intermediate Party Platter Station 4
Material-Dough Cutter Dough Cutter
Material-Dough Direction Dough Direction
Material-Dough Discernment Dough Discernment Intermediate Brick Oven 2
Material-Dressing Dreams Dressing Dreams Balsamic Vinaigrette Crate
Material-Drying Rack Drying Rack


Material Used for # Needed
Material-Fabulous Fragrance Fabulous Fragrance Intermediate Tapas Table
Faithful Flame Faithful Flame Intermediate Grill 3
Material-Family Feasting Family Feasting
Material-Fancy Fish Fancy Fish
Fancy Fork Fancy Fork Intermediate Grill 2
Material-Fiery Philosophy Fiery Philosophy Intermediate Brick Oven 6
Material-Fiesty Flavor Fiesty Flavor Intermediate Tapas Table 7
Material-Fig Juice Bottle Fig Juice Bottle Basic Farm Figs Grill 4
Material-Fig Knives Fig Knives Intermediate Farm Figs Grill 4
Material-Fig Leaf Fig Leaf
Material-Fig Skin Peeler Fig Skin Peeler Basic Farm Figs Grill 5
Material-Fine Flavor Fine Flavor Expert Terrific Thai Station 7
Material-Fire Starter Fire Starter Basic Farm Figs Grill 5
Material-Flavoring Fundamental Flavoring Fundamental Vanilla Rack 5
Material-Fishing Pole Fishing Pole
Material-Floral Fanfare Floral Fanfare
Material-Foil Finesse Foil Finesse
Material-Fool Proof Filling Fool Proof Filling
Material-Fork Fact Fork Fact


Material Used for # Needed
Material-Garlic Press Garlic Press
Material-Garlicky Gossip Garlicky Gossip
Material-Gears Gears
Material-German Glee German Glee
Material-Glass Lid Glass Lid
Material-Golden Shamrock Golden Shamrock


Material-Greek Sandal Greek Sandal
Material-Greek Words of Wisdom Greek Words of Wisdom Intermediate Greek Cooking Station 9
Material-Grilling Greatness Grilling Greatness Expert Grill 4
Gumbo Gumption Gumbo Gumption Basic Slow Cooker 6


Material Used for # Needed
Material-Hand-Crank Sifter Hand-Crank Sifter Rice Flour Rack 4
Material-Healthy Habit Healthy Habit
Material-Hearth Hearsay Hearth Hearsay Intermediate Brick Oven 3
Material-Heating Hints Heating Hints


Material Used for # Needed
Material-Icing Scraper Icing Scraper Expert Cake Oven 5
Material-Irish Spirit Irish Spirit


Material Used for # Needed
Material-Jam Jar Jam Jar
Material-Jam Lid Jam Lid
Material-Juice Catcher Juice Catcher
Material-Juicy Judgement Juicy Judgement Expert Grill 7


Material Used for # Needed
Material-Leaf Remover Leaf Remover
Material-Lederhosen Lesson Lederhosen Lesson


Material Used for # Needed
Marinate Might Marinate Might Expert Grill 2
Material-Melted Magnificence Melted Magnificence Expert Brick Oven 6


Material Used for # Needed
Material-Nest Warmer Nest Warmer


Material Used for # Needed
Material-Order Form Order Form Rice Flour Rack 4
Material-Ornate Dish Cover Ornate Dish Cover Intermediate Party Platter Station 5


Material Used for # Needed
Pan-Fried Perfection Pan-Fried Perfection
Material-Pan-Fried Persuasion Pan-Fried Persuasion Intermediate Skillet 6
Material-Pan-Roasted Prattle Pan-Roasted Prattle Intermediate Skillet 6
Material-Parchment Round Parchment Round Intermediate Cake Oven 5
Material-Pastry Panache Pastry Panache Expert Brick Oven 3
Material-Pectin Pack Pectin Pack
Material-Pheasant Feedback Pheasant Feedback
Material-Pie Pocket Pie Pocket
Material-Pizza Pizzazz Pizza Pizzazz Expert Brick Oven 4
Material-Potato Smasher Potato Smasher
Potting Perserverence Potting Perserverence
Pre-Heat Perfection Pre-Heat Perfection
Material-Proud Presentation Proud Presentation Expert Terrific Thai Station 7


Material Used for # Needed
Material-Recipe Remnants Recipe Remnants
Material-Refill Bottle Refill Bottle
Material-Round Pan Round Pan Basic Cake Oven 4


Material Used for # Needed
Material-Salad Shred Salad Shred
Material-Sauce Sense Sauce Sense Basic Slow Cooker 4
Material-Sauerkraut Science Sauerkraut Science
Material-Scoop of Ice Scoop of Ice Basic Corning Station 4
Material-Serving Set Serving Set Basic Cake Oven 4
Material-Serving Tong Serving Tong Intermediate Party Platter Station 5
Material-Shear Madness Shear Madness
Material-Shutters Shutters Granary 5
Material-Sifter Cup Sifter Cup Expert Cake Oven 5
Material-Simmering Bowl Simmering Bowl Intermediate Farm Figs Grill 5
Material-Simmering Soundness Simmering Soundness Basic Slow Cooker 6
Material-Skillet Smarts Skillet Smarts Intermediate Skillet 6
Material-Smoked Sophistication Smoked Sophistication Intermediate Brick Oven 4
Material-Smoldering Savvy Smoldering Savvy Expert Grill 4
Material-Soothing Scent Soothing Scent Intermediate Tapas Table 5
Material-Sorting Basket Sorting Basket Basic Farm Figs Grill 4
Material-Spatula Specifics Spatula Specifics Expert Grill 3
Material-Spice Cabinet Frame Spice Cabinet Frame Spice Cabinet 5
Material-Spice Drawer Spice Drawer Spice Cabinet 5
Material-Spice Drawer Handle Spice Drawer Handle Spice Cabinet 8
Material-Splendid Style Splendid Style Expert Terrific Thai Station 7
Material-Steaming Sageness Steaming Sageness
Material-St. Patty's Stock Pot St. Patty's Stock Pot Basic Corning Station 4
Material-Steel Colander Steel Colander
Material-Stem Trimmer Stem Trimmer Intermediate Farm Figs Grill 4
Material-Stew Shrewdness Stew Shrewdness Basic Slow Cooker 4
Material-Stock Pot Small Talk Stock Pot Small Talk
Material-Strawberry Basket Strawberry Basket Strawberry Crate
Material-Strawberry Huller Strawberry Huller Intermediate Spring Strawberry Stove 4
Material-Strawberry Masher Strawberry Masher Intermediate Spring Strawberry Stove 5
Material-Strawberry Sauce Bowl Strawberry Sauce Bowl Intermediate Spring Strawberry Stove 5
Material-Strawberry Slicer Strawberry Slicer Intermediate Spring Strawberry Stove 4
Material-Strawberry Strainer Strawberry Strainer
Material-Succulent Sensation Succulent Sensation Intermediate Tapas Table
Material-Sugar Dragee Sugar Dragee Expert Cake Oven 4
Super Skewer Super Skewer Intermediate Grill 2
Material-Superb Spirit Superb Spirit Expert Terrific Thai Station 7
Material-Syrup Jar Syrup Jar Intermediate Farm Figs Grill 5


Material Used for # Needed
Material-Tasty Texture Tasty Texture Intermediate Tapas Table 7
Material-Terra Cotta Teachings Terra Cotta Teachings Expert Brick Oven 5
Material-Toasty Tidbit Toasty Tidbit


Material Used for # Needed
Material-Vanilla Virtue Vanilla Virtue Vanilla Rack 5


Material Used for # Needed
Material-Warm Mitten Warm Mitten
Material-Warm Welcome Warm Welcome
Material-Warming Wonder Warming Wonder Intermediate Brick Oven 2
Material-Weather Vane Weather Vane Granary 5
Material-Wire Frame Rack Wire Frame Rack Rice Flour Rack 4
Material-Woodfired Wizardry Woodfired Wizardry Expert Brick Oven 8
Material-Wurst Wisdom Wurst Wisdom


Material Used for # Needed
Material-Zip Top Bag Zip Top Bag Basic Corning Station 4

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