Mastery Stars are earned by cooking a dish multiple times. As the number of mastery stars increases, the player unlocks different Cooking Stations and expansions on the Game Board. Most dishes have a maximum of 3 Mastery stars, but there are a few that go up to 4 (see 4 Star Dishes).

It is not uncommon for one of the tasks on a goal to be "Get X Mastery stars on dish Y."

Quick tips: Edit

  • Don't forget to cook the Food Truck dishes. Clicking the star never leads you to them.
  • Some of the Special Event Cooking Stations use other things instead of stars, but they might still have goals linked to them.
  • On the various Cake / Crepe / Cupcake / Pie ovens, if you Gourmet Cook the dish, it does not count towards a Mastery Star.

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