Here are the 6 dishes, their ingredients, how long to cook, and what it takes to get the 1st star.  I will update as I progress on the dishes.

Shrimp Nigiri - 1 Minute (3 for 1st Star)

3 Jumbo Shrimp

3 Steamed Rice

Tuna Sashimi - 2 Minute (4 for 1st Star)

4 Tuna

2 Onion

2 Wasabi

Dragon Roll - 1 Hour (2 for 1st Star)

4 Salmon

3 Sushi Roll

3 Wasabi

Spicy Tuna Roll - 6 Hours (2 for 1st Star)

3 Tuna

3 Sushi Roll

2 Wasabi

Shrimp Tempura - 12 Hours (2 for 1st Star)

2 Jumbo Shrimp

3 Steamed Rice

4 Flour

Oshi Sushi - 12 Hours (1 for 1st Star)

5 Salmon

4 Sushi Roll

1 Soy Sauce

The rice is made in the rinser, no "Sticky Rice" in any of this.

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