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The Marketplace lets the player purchase items for cash and coins, the button can be found on the bottom right of the screen. There are 5 main catagories inside the Marketplace, Consumables, Kitchen, Tables and Chairs, Supplies, and Decorations, and each category has been categorized to narrow down the search.


Name Type Cost

+3 Energy

Energy 7
+7 Energy Energy 14
+10 Energy Energy 20
+30 Energy Energy 56
One-Hour Thyme Power-ups 2
Instant Thyme Power-ups 10
Salvage Sage Power-ups 15
+10 Hearts Heart 5
+30 Hearts Heart 12
+50 Hearts Heart 30
+3 Roses Roses 18
+5 Roses Roses 25
+10 Roses Roses 40

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