Mastery-Stunnin' Sun

The subject of this article is part of the Summer Pool Party Event, an event that lasted from 23 July until 06 August 2013. Once the event has run its course, this item may no longer be available.

Mastery-Stunnin' Sun

The Inflatable Waterslide is a buildable harvestable that was available during the Summer Pool Party Event. Players are given the Inflatable Waterslide by Rock in the goal Slippery When Wet!. Constructing it requries Material-Beach Ball Beach Balls earned as rewards for cooking dishes on the Poolside Stand or Poolside Grill, and Material-Air Pump Air Pumps received from friends. The Inflatable Waterslide has 6 stages, each requiring more Material-Beach Ball and Material-Air Pump.

1 2 3 4 5 6
Image Harvestable-Inflatable Waterslide 0 Harvestable-Inflatable Waterslide 1 Harvestable-Inflatable Waterslide 2 Harvestable-Inflatable Waterslide 3 Harvestable-Inflatable Waterslide 4 Harvestable-Inflatable Waterslide 5
Material-Beach Ball Beach Balls 10 20 40 60 80
Material-Triumphant Brick Triumphant Bricks 5 8 12 15 20


Unlike previous event-reward harvestables, the Inflatable Waterslide takes much longer to build. While dishes that rewarded Materials for harvestables like the Arc de Triomphe or the Lucky Rainbow yielded between one and four materials per dish, all dishes that yield Material-Beach Ball Beach Balls only give 1 Beach Ball each time they are cooked. However, all of the event-related goals released during the Summer Pool Party Event give 2 Beach Ball upon completion, and many of those goals require the player to cook event-related dishes many more times than past event-related goals did. So while it may seem like Beach Balls are impossible to collect, players should keep in mind that if they complete all of the Summer Pool Party Event goals and fully master each dish they should have no problem obtaining Beach Balls.

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