Imu Pit
Station-Imu Pit
Image © Zynga
TypeCooking Station
Quantity Allowed1
BasicRecipe-Saimin Recipe-Grilled Kalbi Recipe-Chiken Long Rice Soup Recipe-Mahi Mahi Poke
IntermediateRecipe-Loco Moko 40px Recipe-Pongaroons 40px
ExpertRecipe-Mango Chutney Chicken 40px 40px 40px

This station is unlocked by the Hawaiian Countdown event. 



Basic Intermediate Expert
Saimin Loco Moco Mango Chutney Chicken
Grilled Kalbi Lychee Chicken Rolls Stuffed Rambutan
Chiken Long Rice Soup Pongaroons Chicken Adobo
Mahi Mahi Poke Papaya Salad Oven Dried Akule

Building & UpgradingEdit

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