The Hot Dog Cart is a cooking station released as part of the goal limited time goal The Hot Dog Cart. You can only have 1.

It can be ungraded to Intermediate after completion of the goal Best of the Wurst .

Items crafted will not earn Mastery Stars, they will instead earn Country Fair Ribbons.


Parts required to build:

Parts required for intermediate:

  • 2 Sausage Suggestions (Post)
  • 2 Dog Discoveries (Post)
  • 2 Bun Banter (Post)
  • 2 Mustard Mentions (Ask)
  • 2 Ketchup Consultation (Ask)
  • 2 Beef Basics (Ask)


Basic Intermediate Expert
Classic Hot Dog Sloppy Joe
The Works Chili Dog
Corn Dog Polish Sausage
Spicy Veggie Chili Blue Ribbon Chili
Chicago Dog Tailgate Chili

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