The Holiday Countdown is a mini-event in ChefVille that took place from 21 December 2012 through 02 January 2013. During this event several new Ingredients and Recipes were released, along with a new Cooking Station, a new harvestable, and a Goal Series. The Event Hall remained unchanged during this mini-event.

New IngredientsEdit

A total of 12 new ingredients were released during this event.


New RecipesEdit

All 6 new recipes released during this event are cooked on the Holiday Spice Oven.

Recipe Ingredients Cook
Recipe-Mini Meatballs in Saffron Sauce
Mini Meatballs in Saffron Sauce
4 x Ingredient-Sirloin Beef Sirloin Beef

1 x Ingredient-Paprika Paprika
1 x Ingredient-Saffron Saffron

2 minutes Ingredient-Sirloin Beef
Recipe-Holiday Spiced Chicken
Holiday Spiced Chicken
1 x Ingredient-Cloves Cloves

1 x Ingredient-Allspice Allspice
1 x Ingredient-Free Range Chicken Free Range Chicken

2 minutes Ingredient-Free Range Chicken
Recipe-Vanilla and Nutmeg Souffle
Vanilla and Nutmeg Souffle
2 x Ingredient-Egg Egg

2 x Ingredient-Nutmeg Nutmeg
2 x Ingredient-Vanilla Vanilla

10 minutes Ingredient-Egg
Recipe-Blackened Crispy Chicken
Blackened Crispy Chicken
2 x Ingredient-Free Range Chicken Free Range Chicken

2 x Ingredient-Cayenne Cayenne
2 x Ingredient-Cardamom Cardamom

1 hour Ingredient-Free Range Chicken
Recipe-Corn Chowder
Corn Chowder
1 x Ingredient-Corn Corn

4 x Ingredient-Turmeric Turmeric
4 x Ingredient-Cumin Cumin

6 hours Ingredient-Corn
Recipe-Beef Stew with Star Anise
Beef Stew with Star Anise
2 x Ingredient-Sirloin Beef Sirloin Beef

2 x Ingredient-Anise Anise
3 x Ingredient-Cinnamon Cinnamon

6 hours Ingredient-Sirloin Beef

New Restaurant ObjectsEdit

Only two new objects were released during this event.

Station-Holiday Spice Oven The Holiday Spice Oven is a new Cooking Station, purchased from the Marketplace for Coin1,000 coins. It is where the 6 recipes released during this event are cooked, and, at the time of the event, the only cooking station to utilize any of the 12 new ingredients released during this event.
Harvestable-Spice Rack The Spice Rack is a new harvestable, received as a reward for unlocking all 6 dishes before the end of the event. It can be harvested once every 24 hours for a random spice.

Goal SeriesEdit

A new goal started at the beginning of this event called Tis the Seasonings. In this goal, players must buy and place the Holiday Spice Oven, cook 1 dish on it, and unlock all 6 dishes on it.

Unlocking the 6 dishes required the player to complete 6 timed goals. Unlike previous goal series, the goals could be completed in any order as long as they had been unlocked. The first goal, Unlock Holiday Spiced Chicken, was available on 21 December, with each of the other 5 goals becoming available two days later. The 6 "Unlock" goals are:

Goal Unlocked on Objectives
Unlock Holiday Spiced Chicken 21 December 2012 Collect 4 Ingredient-Cloves Cloves

Ask for 4 Ingredient-Allspice Allspice

Unlock Beef Stew with Star Anise 23 December 2012 Collect 6 Ingredient-Cinnamon Cinnamon

Ask for 4 Ingredient-Anise Anise

Unlock Blackened Crispy Chicken 25 December 2012 Collect 8 Ingredient-Cayenne Cayenne

Ask for 6 Ingredient-Cardamom Cardamom

Unlock Mini Meatballs in Saffron Sauce 27 December 2012 Collect 8 Ingredient-Saffron Saffron

Ask for 8 Ingredient-Paprika Paprika

Unlock Vanilla and Nutmeg Souffle 29 December 2012 Collect 10 Ingredient-Vanilla Vanilla

Ask for 8 Ingredient-Nutmeg Nutmeg

Unlock Corn Chowder 31 December 2012 Collect 10 Ingredient-Cumin Cumin

Ask for 10 Ingredient-Turmeric Turmeric

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