Hay Pumpkins is the second part of The Great Pumpkin Hay Bale event goals.


  • Get 6 Magic Pumpkin Dust from your friends!
  • Give Ginger 6 Recommendations
  • Serve 5 Pumpkin Ravioli from the Haunted Cauldron



  • If you clicked the new event goal, Event Hall-o-ween. This goal will cause the other event goals to have their goal series' name to vanish leaving only the time limit next to it. It is unknown if that goal is effect by glitches or problems when it was released, but refreshing your game will undo the problem.
  • There is a random glitch or minor issue where when you complete this goal. The game will crash and you will somehow get the rewards without the reward icon popping up when you refresh the game.

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