Harvestables in ChefVille are sources of Ingredients and other Supplies. At the beginning of a game there are 12 harvestables in the player's restaurant ready to use. New harvestables can be unlocked by expanding the restaurant or completing goals.

Types of HarvestablesEdit

There are currently five types of harvestable items in the game: Wild Plants, Stalls and Buildings, Trees, Crates, and Crops. Most ingredients can only be found in one of the four types of harvestables, though a few come from more than one.

Wild PlantsEdit

Wild plants are harvestables that grow randomly on open grassy areas of the player's restaurant. Any floor or decorations prevent wild plants from growing nearby, including outdoor decorative plants like Decoration-Green Grass  Green Grass. Wild plants can be harvested 3 to 5 times each, depending on the plant, before disappearing. Partial plants do not regenerate. Wild Mushrooms and Wild Onions grow year-round, while the other wild plants only grow during specific events.

Plant # of Harvests Ingredient Full Icon Partial Icon Event
Blueberry Bush 3 Ingredient-Blueberry Harvestable-Blueberry Bush Harvestable-Blueberry Bush e Healthy Eating Event
Collard Greens Plant 5 Ingredient-Collard Greens Harvestable-Collard Greens Plant Harvestable-Collard Greens Plant e Southern Comfort Event
Cranberry Bush 3 Ingredient-Cranberry Harvestable-Cranberry Bush Harvestable-Cranberry Bush e Thanksgiving Event
Pumpkin Plant 3 Ingredient-Pumpkin Harvestable-Pumpkin Plant Halloween Event
Stack of Presents 3 Ingredient-Ginger Harvestable-Stack of Presents 3 Harvestable-Stack of Presents 2 Harvestable-Stack of Presents 1 Winter Feast Event
Wild Mushrooms 3 Ingredient-Wild Mushroom Harvestable-Wild Mushrooms Harvestable-Wild Mushrooms e Grows year-round
New plants can be
purchased for Heart 30 hearts.
Wild Onions 3 Ingredient-Wild Onion Harvestable-Wild Onions Harvestable-Wild Onions e Grows year-round
New plants can be
purchased for Heart 30 hearts.

Stalls and BuildingsEdit

Stalls, buildings, and other static (non-depleting) harvestables can be purchased from the Marketplace for Coin  coins and occasionally Consumable-Cash Cash. Many need to be constructed using materials received from neighbors or staffed by neighbors. Select harvestables can be completed using Material-Super Part Green Green or Material-Super Part Red Super Parts. Many harvestables provide more than one ingredient, or can be upgraded to provide multiple ingredients.

Harvestable # Allowed Ingredients Ready Icon Recharge Icon Note
Asparagus Stall 1 Ingredient-Asparagus 40px 40px
Bay Laurel Tree 1 Ingredient-Bay Leaf Harvestable-Bay Laurel Tree Harvestable-Bay Laurel Tree e
Beet Market Stall 2 Ingredient-Beet Harvestable-Beet Market Stall Harvestable-Beet Market Stall e
Berry Patch 1 Ingredient-BlueberryIngredient-CranberryIngredient-Raspberry 40px 40px
Blue Crab Trap 1 Ingredient-Blue Crab Harvestable-Blue Crab Trap 40px
Bread Rack 2 Ingredient-Wheat Bread Harvestable-Bread Rack Harvestable-Bread Rack e
Brisket Chill Chest 1 Ingredient-Brisket 40px 40px
Broccoli Stall 2 Ingredient-Broccoli 40px 40px
Butcher's Kiosk 2 Ingredient-Chuck Beef Harvestable-Butcher's Kiosk Harvestable-Butcher's Kiosk e
Cabbage Patch 2 Ingredient-Red CabbageIngredient-Green Cabbage Harvestable-Cabbage Patch Harvestable-Cabbage Patch e
Cayenne Pepper Pot 1 Ingredient-Cayenne Harvestable-Cayenne Pepper Pot 40px
Cheese Cart 1 Ingredient-Bleu Cheese Harvestable-Cheese Cart Harvestable-Cheese Cart e
Cheese Cellar 2 Ingredient-Cheddar Cheese 40px 40px Can be upgraded to the Cheese Display
Cheese Display 2 Ingredient-Cheddar CheeseIngredient-Fontina CheeseIngredient-Gruyere CheeseIngredient-MozzarellaIngredient-Parmesan Cheese Harvestable-Cheese Display 40px Upgraded Cheese Cellar
Cheese Rack 2 Ingredient-Mozzarella Harvestable-Cheese Rack Harvestable-Cheese Rack e
Chocolate Powder Sacks 1 Ingredient-Chocolate Powder 40px 40px
Cinnamon Basket 1 Ingredient-Cinnamon Harvestable-Cinnamon Basket 40px
Crab Trap 1 Ingredient-Snow Crab 40px 40px
Cream Fridge 1 Ingredient-Heavy Cream Harvestable-Cream Fridge 40px
Dijon Mustard Dispenser 1 Ingredient-Dijon Mustard 40px 40px
Dough Freezer 1 Ingredient-Dough Harvestable-Dough Freezer 40px
Fig Basket 1 Ingredient-Fig Harvestable-Fig Basket Harvestable-Fig Basket e
Fresh Cod Stand 1 Ingredient-Cod 40px 40px
Garlic Stall 2 Ingredient-GarlicIngredient-AsparagusIngredient-Wild MushroomIngredient-Russet Potato Harvestable-Garlic Stall
Harvestable-Garlic Stall 2
Harvestable-Garlic Stall 3
Harvestable-Garlic Stall 3 e
Can be upgraded twice. Initial stall only provides Garlic, first upgrade adds Asparagus and Wild Mushroom, and final upgrade adds Russet Potato.
Green Bean Barrel 1 Ingredient-Green Bean 40px 40px
Ice Cooler 1 Ingredient-Ice Cube Harvestable-Ice Cooler Harvestable-Ice Cooler e
Jalapeno Garden 1 30px 40px 40px
Mama Cow 1 Ingredient-Heavy Cream Harvestable-Mama Cow 40px
Mint Potted Plant 1 Ingredient-Mint Harvestable-Mint Potted Plant Harvestable-Mint Potted Plant e
Mustard Dispenser 1 Ingredient-Mustard 40px 40px
Nut Dispenser 1 Ingredient-CashewIngredient-Walnut Harvestable-Nut Dispenser 40px
Nut Shelf 1 Ingredient-PecanIngredient-Walnut Harvestable-Nut Shelf Harvestable-Nut Shelf e Can be upgraded. Initial dispenser provides only Pecans. Upgrading adds Walnuts.
Olive Oil Cask 1 Ingredient-Olive Oil 40px 40px
Oregano Potted Plant 1 Ingredient-Oregano Harvestable-Oregano Potted Plant 40px
Plantain Market 1 Ingredient-Plantain 40px 40px
Potted Azalea Unlimited Ingredient-Mixed Greens 40px
Potted Geranium Unlimited Ingredient-Mixed Greens 40px
Potted Sunflower Unlimited Ingredient-Mixed Greens Harvestable-Potted Sunflower
Ranch Dressing Rack 1 Ingredient-Ranch Dressing 40px 40px
Rice Flour Rack 1 Ingredient-Rice Flour 40px 40px
San Marzano Plant 2 Ingredient-San Marzano TomatoIngredient-Tomato Harvestable-San Marzano Plant Harvestable-San Marzano Plant e Upgraded Tomato Plant
Seasoning Rack 1 Ingredient-Grill Seasoning 40px 40px
Shallot Basket 1 Ingredient-Shallot Harvestable-Shallot Basket Harvestable-Shallot Basket e
Soy Milk Fridge 1 Ingredient-Soy Milk 40px 40px
Specialty Meat Stand 1 Ingredient-Carne AsadaIngredient-ChorizoIngredient-Free Range ChickenIngredient-Sirloin Beef Harvestable-Specialty Meat Stand 40px
Spice Cabinet 1 Ingredient-CorianderIngredient-CuminIngredient-Turmeric 40px 40px
Starter Plant Unlimited Ingredient-Mixed Greens 40px
Tomato Plant 2 Ingredient-Tomato Harvestable-Tomato Plant 40px Can be upgraded to the San Marzano Plant
Truffle Grove 1 Ingredient-Truffle 40px 40px
Turkey Freezer 1 30px 40px 40px
Water Cooler 1 Ingredient-Water 40px 40px
Water Pump 1 Ingredient-Water Harvestable-Water Pump 40px


Harvestable # Allowed Ingredients Ready Icon Recharge Icon Note
Apple Tree
Cherry Tree
Marshmallow Tree 1 30px 40px 40px


Harvestable # Allowed Ingredients Ready Icon Recharge Icon Note
Gold Leaves Crate


Harvestable # Allowed Ingredients Ready Icon Recharge Icon Note
Red Maple Bush 1 30px 40px 40px

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