Icon-Exclamation Mark This article is about a Goal or Goal Series that expired before the page author could complete it. Any missing information will likely remain missing unless another player completed the goals and has that information.

This goal series is given by Rock. It started on 01 August 2013 and expired on 06 August 2013.

Part 1

"Looks like you're running low on White Grapes! Better get pickin', ace!"
"Gather up some White Grapes and let's serve up some Roasted Chicken with Grapes!"

"Alright, food's ready! Let's get this Poolside Grill fixed up and get some new recipes going, mate!"

Part 2

"Let's keep up the good poolside grillin' with some new dishes, mate!"
"Nobody wants to eat the same grub every day, upgrade that Poolside Grill and you'll have more recipes!"

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