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TypeCooking Station
Quantity Allowed1
CostCoin 4000
Mastery Stars RequiredMastery 9
BasicRecipe-Mornin' French Toast Recipe-Silver Dollar Pancakes Recipe-Southwestern Omelette Recipe-Cheddar Omelette Recipe-Veggie Burrito
IntermediateRecipe-Hashbrowns and Eggs Recipe-Chicken Marsala Recipe-Fritatta Recipe-Huevos Rancheros Recipe-Eggs Benedict
ExpertRecipe-Lobster Roll Recipe-Grilled Lobster Tails Recipe-Chicken Flautas Recipe-Crab Cakes Recipe-Croque Monsieur Recipe-Shrimp Po Boy

The Griddle is a Cooking Station in ChefVille. It can be purchased from the Marketplace for Coin 4000 coins after the player has earned Mastery 79 Mastery Stars and completed the goal Philly Dilly!. It will be wrapped upon purchase.

Basic GriddleEdit

After unwrapping the Griddle, players must collect materials to complete it:

  • 3 x Material-Griddle Riddle Griddle Riddle (Post)
  • 4 x Material-Breakfast Banter Breakfast Banter (Post)
  • 3 x Material-Griddle Gossip Griddle Gossip (Post)
  • 4 x Material-Delicious Directions Delicious Directions (Ask)
  • 3 x Material-Spatula Suggestions Spatula Suggestions (Ask)

Once constructed, 5 recipes will become available:

Recipe Ingredients
Recipe-Mornin' French Toast Mornin' French Toast 3 x Ingredient-Wheat Bread Wheat Bread
3 x Ingredient-Egg Egg
Recipe-Silver Dollar Pancakes Silver Dollar Pancakes 2 x Ingredient-Flour Flour
1 x Ingredient-Milk Milk
Recipe-Southwestern Omelette Southwestern Omelette 6 x Ingredient-Egg Egg
1 x Ingredient-Mild Salsa Mild Salsa
3 x Ingredient-Pepper Pepper
Recipe-Cheddar Omelette Cheddar Omelette 10 x Ingredient-Egg Egg
5 x Ingredient-Cheddar Cheese Cheddar Cheese
6 x Ingredient-Salt Salt
Recipe-Veggie Burrito Veggie Burrito 2 x Ingredient-Guacamole Guacamole
2 x Ingredient-Corn Tortilla Corn Tortilla

Intermediate GriddleEdit

Upgrading to the intermediate level of the Griddle requires the player to earn Mastery 170 Mastery Stars and collect more materials:

  • 4 x Material-Pre-heat Perfection Pre-heat Perfection (Ask)
  • 4 x Material-Pancake Prowess Pancake Prowess (Post)
  • 4 x Material-Searing Solutions Searing Solutions (Ask)
  • 6 x Material-Cake Craftmanship Cake Craftmanship (Ask)
  • 4 x Material-Sandwich Sensation Sandwich Sensation (Post)

Once upgraded, 5 more recipes will become available:

Recipe Ingredients
Recipe-Hashbrowns and Eggs Hashbrowns and Eggs 1 x Ingredient-Russet Potato Russet Potato
3 x Ingredient-Egg Egg
2 x Ingredient-Salt Salt
Recipe-Chicken Marsala Chicken Marsala 2 x Ingredient-Free Range Chicken Free Range Chicken
1 x Ingredient-Wild Mushroom Wild Mushroom
Recipe-Fritatta Fritatta 6 x Ingredient-Egg Egg
5 x Ingredient-Cheddar Cheese Cheddar Cheese
2 x Ingredient-Asparagus Asparagus
Recipe-Huevos Rancheros Huevos Rancheros 10 x Ingredient-Egg Egg
4 x Ingredient-Corn Tortilla Corn Tortilla
5 x Ingredient-Yellow Bell Pepper Yellow Bell Pepper
Recipe-Eggs Benedict Eggs Benedict 11 x Ingredient-Egg Egg
2 x Ingredient-Hollandaise Sauce Hollandaise Sauce

Expert GriddleEdit

Upgrading to the expert level of the Griddle requires the player to earn Mastery 352 Mastery Stars and collect more materials:

  • 7 x Material-Griddle Graduate Griddle Graduate (Ask)
  • 8 x Material-Cookie Conversation Cookie Conversation (Post)
  • 7 x Material-Waffle Whisper Waffle Whisper (Post)
  • 8 x Material-Crumpet Cue Crumpet Cue (Ask)
  • 6 x Material-Crepe Chronicle Crepe Chronicle (Post)

Once upgraded, 6 more recipes will become available:

Recipe Ingredients
Recipe-Lobster Roll Lobster Roll 2 x Ingredient-Maine Lobster Maine Lobster
2 x Ingredient-Artisan Bread Artisan Bread
1 x Ingredient-Salt Salt
Recipe-Grilled Lobster Tails Grilled Lobster Tails 2 x Ingredient-Maine Lobster Maine Lobster
2 x Ingredient-Lemon Lemon
1 x Ingredient-Olive Oil Olive Oil
Recipe-Chicken Flautas Chicken Flautas 1 x Ingredient-Marinated Chicken Marinated Chicken
1 x Ingredient-Mild Salsa Mild Salsa
1 x Ingredient-Corn Tortilla Corn Tortilla
Recipe-Crab Cakes Crab Cakes 3 x Ingredient-Snow Crab Snow Crab
5 x Ingredient-Wild Onion Wild Onion
2 x Ingredient-Salt Salt
Recipe-Croque Monsieur Croque Monsieur 2 x Ingredient-Smoked Turkey Smoked Turkey
4 x Ingredient-Parmesan Cheese Parmesan Cheese
5 x Ingredient-Wheat Bread Wheat Bread
Recipe-Shrimp Po Boy Shrimp Po Boy 6 x Ingredient-Jumbo Shrimp Jumbo Shrimp
2 x Ingredient-Mayonnaise Mayonnaise
2 x Ingredient-Artisan Bread Artisan Bread

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