This goal series is given by Rock. It started on 23 July 2013 and expired on 31 July 2013.

Part 1

"G'day mate! How about this heat, huh? It's the perfect time to swim in the ol' watering hole! Or just in the pool, I guess."
"Get yourself a Poolside Stand for quick bites your customers are sure to love, mate!"

"Now nobody has to get out of the pool just for a snack. I just hope they don't spill, ace."

Part 2

"Better protect those little eyes of yours if you're goin' to dive in, mate!"

"I love pool parties. I'm happier than a joey with a jump rope!"

Part 3

"I tend to eat meat at every meal, but Madeline's been convincing me to try some...ya know...produce."
"Grapes seem like an easy fruit to deal with, ace. What do ya say?"

"I'll do my best not to steal all the White Grapes from your Planter. I'm sure a nice steak will hold me over."

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