Fruits of Your Labor is a timed goal series given by Ginger. It was released on 27 March and expired on 01 April 2013, as part of the Spring Market Event. There are three goals in this series, all revolving around the new Spring Strawberry Stove.

Spring StrawberriesEdit

"Oh violet, Strawberries are one of my favorite fresh fruits - I bet we can cook some delicoius new dishes on the Spring Strawberry Stove!"

Strawberry Toast is the toast of Spring! And surely a good start for Strawberry preparation. It's simple and delicious...I bet your friends would like some, too!

Fruit and ProteinEdit

"Some people like to keep their meats and fruits separated, but I think they just make each other better! Gather some Chicken to go with your berries!"

Mmm, your whole restaurant smells of fruit! See what delicious things happen when you are open to the bounty of the season, marigold?

  • 2 x Ingredient-Fig  Fig
  • 20 XP
  • 30 Coin

Bread and BiscuitsEdit

"Grab Bruschetta or Biscuits and head out to your Flower Tree to see how it's coming along! Isn't it lovely to watch nature in action?"

"Your Flower Tree is growing so fast! I can't wait to smell its fragrant flowers and sit in the shade of its lovely branches with my favorite book! Am I being too mushy? I love Spring!

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