Flour Sack
Harvestable-Flour Sack
Image © Zynga
Location:Dairy Depot
Number allowed:1
Can be upgraded:Yes
Initial Yield
Ingredients:1 x Ingredient-Flour Flour
Frequency:4 minutes
Upgraded Yield
Ingredients:2 x Ingredient-Flour Flour
Frequency:2 minutes

The Flour Sack is a harvestable item in ChefVille. It can be found in the Dairy Depot expansion ready to use, and provides the player with one Flour every 4 minutes.

Flour BinEdit

Harvestable-Flour Bin The Flour Bin is the first upgrade to the Flour Sack, and became available on 01 January 2013 with the goal series Tower of Powder. To complete the upgrade, a player must collect the following items: Harvestable-Flour Bin Empty

Once completed, the Flour Bin provides the player with two Flour every 2 minutes (four on the first harvest after upgrade, and again after XX harvests).

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