This goal series is given by Madeline. It started on 11 July 2017 and expired on 18 July 2013.

Part 1

"All things are more fantastique when you take care of them - upgrade your Fantastic French Stove!"
"New French dishes await you when you upgrade the French Shallot Soup! You do have enough Shallots for that, oui?"

"Your kitchen just got a little more French, cherie! The more French, the better, I always say."

Part 2

"Oh, your Tour de Food and the Tour de France are happening at the same time! Who knew?...I did, cherie."
"Celebrate the Tour de France by collecting new Bold Bike Seats! The boring ones won't do."

"Ah, a nice bike ride followed by a batch of your newest Fantastic French Stove dishes? Oui, oui!"

Part 3

"All the other chefs better get out of the way - you're coming through!"
"Shout it from the roof tops...or honk your bike horn! You are the best chef around, non?"

"Magnifique! Being humble is good, but sometimes you need to let the competition know you're here!"

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