This goal series is given by Madeline. It can be started any time after 28 June 2013, and must be completed within 9 days.

Part 1

"Bonjour! Perhaps your customers like a little crunch with their smooth Ice Cream...hmm, what shall we add?"
"Pecans - of course! They are crunchy and delicious and work so well in desserts. How did I not think of this before?"

"This Nut Shelf is tres perfect! They will supply you with delicious Pecans. Don't underestimate the power of crunch!"

Part 2

"Don't get stuck prying Pecans open with just your fingers, cherie - ouch! A Pecan Cracker is necessary to keep from ruining your nails."
"Pecans can be a tough nut to crack! Gather Pecan Crackers to make life just a little bit easier."

"Oooo, Butter Pecan! It is so sweet and decadent, I feel like I can only eat it while lying in a hammock!"

Part 3

"Who could know that a seemingly normal tree would grow such a wonderful nut as the Pecan!"
"Pecans go well with most types of Ice Cream and can take them from regular to spectacular! Harvest a healthy amount of them, cherie."

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