Event Hall-o-ween is the first part of the event goal. It is probably the first event goal to have a glitch or an minor issue where there is no series title on the goal.


  • Get 7 Witch's Brooms from your friends!
  • Expand to the Event Hall!
  • Move the Event Hall


(Coming soon)

Glitch/major issueEdit

As soon this goal was released; many players worldwide playing ChefVille starting seeing problems like: their Halloween event goals' series titles vanish leaving only the the time limit countdown next to a blank space on the black title bar thing, Halloween event goals may vanish or glitch, the Event Hall expansion vanish or refuse to the players to unlocked it even if they have the right requirements, certain goal items like the Instant Thyme Stand will randomly vanish from the player's restaurant, Building Thyme goal may disappear from the player's goal list if you click Event Hall-o-ween, and many other issues.

As soon players started to realized that this event goal is probably the one causing the problem; they quickly post their problems on the Chefville Technical Issues & Bugs forum of Zynga Forums. It is currently being investigated by the ChefVille mods.

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