Domestic Pumpkins is the first part of The Great Pumpkin Hay Bale event goals.


  • Place the Pumpkin Hay Bale
  • Tend Pumpkin Hay Bale 6 times
  • Tend 3 neighbors' Pumpkin Hay Bales


  • 2 XP
  • 1 Wild Pumpkin
  • Unlocked a second Pumpkin Hay Bale


  • "Pumpkins Gone Wild" maybe referred from a popular Autumn/Fall fabric pattern with the same name that is design differently by various fabric designers for United Notions who owns Moda Fabrics and Moda Home (under their company's name).
  • The event goal's name is probably referred to The Great Pumpkin that is mentioned many times by the character, Linus in well-known comic strip, The Peanuts written and illustrated Charles M. Schulz.

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