Deviled Eggs
Recipe-Deviled Eggs
Image © Zynga
StationIntermediate Thanksgiving Oven

1 x Ingredient-Egg Egg
1 x Ingredient-Mayonnaise Mayonnaise
1 x Ingredient-Pepper Pepper

Craft Time2 minutes

Deviled Eggs is a recipe cooked on the intermediate Thanksgiving Oven. It requires one Egg, one Mayonnaise and one Pepper and takes 2 minutes to cook. This recipe does not give Mastery Stars but instead gives Thanksgiving Ribbons. After the Thanksgiving quests are completed or have expired, Deviled Eggs can still be served for coins, and ribbons still collected if they are not maxed out, but the ribbons are no longer useful.


Main article: Serving
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Servings Icon-Dish 20 Servings
Coins Coin 60 Coins


There has been one goal requiring Deviled Eggs.

Chance IngredientEdit

Neighbors who try your Deviled Eggs have a chance to receive an Egg.

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