Crafting Stations are one of 4 types of equipment found in the Kitchen. Used to craft ingredients required by other recipes, a Crafting Station awards XP. When crafting is finished, the crafting ingredient may remain on the Crafting Station until it is ready for use.

Crafting Stations
50px Almond Processor
50px Artichoke Roaster
Station-Asian Sauce Station Asian Sauce Station
Station-Athenian Dairy Station Athenian Dairy Station
50px Black Mixer
50px Blue Mixer
Station-Bread Maker Bread Maker
Station-Broth Pot Broth Pot
50px Burger Bun Station
50px Canning Station
50px Carribean Fryer
50px Cheesy Filling Creator
Station-Chicken Fryer Chicken Fryer (Burger Truck)
50px Chili Grinder
50px Chinese Sauce Station
50px Chutney Station
Station-Corning Station Corning Station
Station-Egg Crafting Station Egg Crafting Station
50px Egg White Separator
50px Flour Tortilla Maker
Station-Food Processor Food Processor
50px French Sauce Station
50px Garlic Oil Station
50px Garlic Roaster
Station-Grape Juicer Grape Juicer
50px Green Mixer
50px Habanero Dripper
Station-Icing Table Icing Table
Station-Juice Prepper Juice Prepper
50px Marinator
50px Marmalade Machine
50px Meat Slicer
Station-Mixer Mixer
Station-Mochi Craft Station Mochi Craft Station
50px Onion Gravy Station
50px Orange Mixer
50px Oyster Dipping Sauce Station
50px Pasta Maker
50px Patty Station
50px Peanut Sauce Maker
Station-Pie Crust Maker Pie Crust Maker
50px Pink Mixer
50px Poi Pounder
50px Portable Prep Station
50px Prik Nam Pla Station
50px Rice Paper Station
50px Rinser
50px Shawarma Meat Mixer
50px Shrimp Sheller
Station-Smoker Smoker
50px Spices Grinder (Taco Truck)
Station-Spring Jam Maker Spring Jam Maker
Station-Steamer Steamer
50px Stone Fermenter
50px Tandoori Marinade Station
Station-Tapenade Table Tapenade Table
Station-Toaster Toaster
Station-Truffle Butter Station Truffle Butter Station
50px Tuscan Artisan Station
50px Western Sauce Station
Station-Wholesale Station Wholesale Station
50px Worcestershire Sauce Station

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